We offer exploration services for gold, diamonds, base metals, uranium and various minerals.

Poseidon geophysicist in the field conducting surveys

Our Services

Poseidon works on a contract consulting basis for a variety of mining companies across southern Africa in countries such as Botswana, Mali, Sudan and Tanzania. The equipment we typically use involves injecting current into the ground using a series of electrodes. The electromagnetic signals generated by this process can then be used to determine whether a particular mineral is present or not and, if so, in what quantities.

Map at Poseidon Geophysics

Our Equipment

Poseidon own and maintain a large pool of state of the art ground geophysical survey instruments for time and frequency domain EM, IP/resistivity, gravity, magnetics, refraction seismic, and borehole logging. The company operates three Zonge GDP 16/32 systems and have undertaken TDEM, IP, CR and CSAMT surveys throughout the African continent. Poseidon has four wireline borehole logging crews operational in countries throughout Africa, from Mauritania, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Second hand geophysics equipment for sale

For Sale

Poseidon Geophysics has a range of good condition second hand equipment for sale.

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Poseidon Geophysics operates a dual frequency differential GPS survey system to provide accurate co-ordinates from gravimetric surveying and borehole collar information.

Service to Bostwana

Commendation from the President of Bostwana

William McLellan managing director at Poseidon Geophysics

William McLellan

Poseidon Geophysics conducts geophysical surveys for the mining industry across much of Africa, so Poseidon's managing director, William McLellan, is often working well off the beaten track.

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Based in Gaborone, Botswana

Poseidon Geophysics is based in Gaborone, Botswana which gives us easy access to all parts of Africa. There are daily flights from Sir Seretse Khama airport to cities throughout Africa.

Corporate Responsibility

Poseidon Geophysics is a proud member and corporate sponsor of Rotary International.

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Plot 115 Kgale Mews
Unit 20
Gaborone International Finance Park

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Mondays - Fridays
9:00am - 17:00pm

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